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Excellent Forklift Truck Training In Manchester

At Orion Training Services, we are proud to offer top quality forklift and reach truck training courses to the people in the Manchester area. 

What is our secret? We work hard to simplify subjects and have a reputation for making difficult tasks much easier to understand. If you do not believe this, rest assured that many of my clients have seen great progress in their skills and knowledge over a very short period of time. If you would like to learn more about me, you can put a call through on +447990063630. We would love to hear from you.

Our Instructors And Courses

Our team of instructors are highly experienced, and each trainer has excellent communication skills and vast experience working with individuals at many different levels. 

This also means that they use different training techniques to accomodate individual learning styles. We also regularly participate in development sessions to improve our teaching skills and keep updated with current legisation and training guidelines. Our courses are based around achievable goals for our students. This ensures that our customers have an enjoyable and informative learning experience.


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All services
Forklift Truck Training Courses

Forklift Truck Training Courses

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